No political stance or piece of legislation means anything if the health and safety of our public is not guaranteed. This requires us to ensure that the city is fully equipped with whatever it needs to fulfill that commitment.

Due to upcoming retirements and a variety of other factors, our police force is in need of talented recruits to staff the department. Our mission is to remove any impediments towards this goal and to make sure that Lynn has the resources it needs to keep our streets safe.

Outside of policemen, we hold a deep appreciation for all the officers of public safety across the city, including firemen, emergency medical personnel, and corrections and probation officers. They all fulfill a critical role in our society and deserve the full support of any administration. Their importance is not a matter to even be debated.

What can be debated, and investigated further to see what we can do, is the heroin epidemic facing our entire country but hitting our area especially hard. A crisis of this magnitude requires more attention than our safety departments alone can take on—we need to respond as a community. Through the efforts of community-linked programs we can tackle this problem together and overcome any other public safety challenges that may arise.

Alleviating public safety concerns is pivotal to giving our city a chance at a brighter future. We need an environment where parents don’t have to worry about the safety of their children when sending them to school and citizens are free to walk around the streets without fear. If we cannot maintain an appropriate level of safety, then bringing investments back to Lynn will be a much harder endeavor and restrict our ability to grow as a city.

We have a passionate team but the reality is that the serious issues of public safety need to be left in the hands of true professionals. To this end, we will be establishing strong partnerships with all of the new and existing leadership in our safety departments. We very much look forward to working with them to develop solutions that can ensure the safety of all Lynn residents and pave the way for our community to move forward.